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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Coming Out of Hiatus!!!!

Hello World!!!

I apologize for dropping off the side of the planet for the past two years....

I started a new job and got back with an ex whom I met off Okcupid and we are currently planning our wedding!!!!

Yup, I'm engaged.

Yet, there are still so many stories to share and advice to be given.

Heres a little story of how it all started for my man and I way back in 2009....

My dating profile was simple, sweet, and straight to the point. The way I judged guys on the other hand, I still do not understand. I tended to go towards the comic book nerds. I started talking to a few guys around the time I first messaged him, his profile picture had him in a Reese's peanut butter cup shirt and I told myself that shirt would be mine (I have that shirt sitting in my draw to this day). But alas this is a story of how I am lucky to have him, and it starts from the very beginning on how I was a big jerk. 
I chose a different guy over him after messaging with both of them for a few days (Remember people talk to numerous people at one time), I went home from college for the weekend and came back that Monday with a new boyfriend... Joe. Joe was a big guy, long dark hair for a male, wore a superhero hat, and lived in his fathers basement. Joe and I's relationship lasted a shocking month and a half. I really only recall the sex, him having a rather strange foot fetish…perhaps my lack in participation in the foot fetish led to our demise.  Joe never wanted to change his dating profile to “in a relationship” which outraged me, I was a confident girl and if you were with me you were only with me. I tried to break up with Joe over the phone but the bastard ignored my call and actually broke up with me via text message, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised for a relationship that started over a weekend from an online dating site. 

Well after the two hours it took my to mourn my lost love I switched my dating status back to single and got back in the game. Viewing my inbox that Reese's shirt grabbed my attention yet again and I threw him a message. We started talking via text and I was persistent that we would meet when I got home from school for the summer. He seemed uninterested via text never texting first, giving one word answers, taking hours to respond, and that is what hooked me. Remember I have always been confident and girls love the chase!
Now look, almost a full 6 years later and we are planning our wedding. We have not been together for all those years, many breakups and makeups. But now I am going to make it my job to share my experiences and my story to help more people find their... as some may say... Happy Ending. 

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