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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How I got started: First Kiss

I was at my friends when we heard about a house party. My friend Megan explained to us, “Okay guys so there is a party at my friends house that I work with… rule though… No vomiting.” It seemed easy enough to all of us to agree that that was a simple enough rule to obey.
 We got some Mikes hard lemonade threw it in some water bottles and started drinking on our walk over. It was a nice cool day in May, sweatshirt and Capri weather. I remember this because I was wearing a band sweatshirt I had stolen from my sister because I thought it made me look cool. I was 15 at the time, end of my sophomore year of high school, not a care in the world.
By the time our walk was over we were all a little tipsy. We continued drinking among the many people at this party. It was very apparent that we were the youngest people at this party. It was my friends Stephanie, Megan, Krista and Matt with me. I cannot remember the details of the night but I do recall me breaking the one rule…
There I was on the front lawn puking my brains out. Megan next to me with Stephanie, I stuttered, “Im soooo sorry.” Megan laughed, she always does, she wasn’t upset with me. I was able to build some composure and go back inside. Now inside a big man approaches me, We will call him “Mike”, I do not recall his real name. He was one of the people whom was hosting the party. He was about 17 or 18 and had a pretty big build. He brings me into a room where my friend Krista and a guy were making out on a bed. King sized bed that is we proceed to go on the other half. Megan, some guy and Stephanie end up following us in and plop on the floor. This is when it happened…

Mike started to sweet talk me. Before this moment I had never kissed a guy, not even a peck. Little girls picture their first kiss over and over again. This is not how I ever imagined it to be. Drunk, puck mouth, with an overweight man who was clearly trying to take advantage of a drunk 15 year old girl. Hot! I know.

So we started to kiss. Don’t forget Krista right there next to me making out with her boy. Megan on floor with a boy trying to get in her pants as Stephanie lays with her head in Megan’s crotch to prevent it. And here I am drunkly having this man heavy breathing and slobbering all over my face. Next thing I notice is that he has whipped it out!! And takes my hand and puts it on it. I made a few movements with my hand on his junk. Then he tries undoing my button to my pants and slipping his hand down. I use my other hand to pull his hand away and I take my other hand away from his area. He quickly gets up angrily and proceeds to go to another room and I assume to rub one out. Later I find out he had tried to stick his hand down Stephanie’s pants and she had slapped him. Yup, and that is how I had my first kiss. 
Forever tainted.

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